Chicago Grammar School

Let’s make a movie – in Latin!

Posted on May 13, 2021

CGS Fifth Grade students entered the Primary Latin Project’s Mythology Competition, sponsored by Jowett Trust, Balliol College, Oxford. The theme was Odysseus and the Sirens.  Students first wrote the script collaboratively in English.  They then translated into as much Latin as they knew.  They changed some of the lines to accommodate their Latin vocabulary.  Google translator helped with some of the phrases.  The children managed the costumes from the school stock.  The opening is a video of Lake Michigan one of the students filmed from their home balcony. One of the students is a gifted singer and recorded an aria she is currently working on with her voice teacher as the sirens’ song.  We filmed outside one person at a time to allow the children to be unmasked.  Filming outside proved challenging with the noise of the city, so the students recorded a voiceover.  We are thrilled to showcase the fruits of their labor as we present: Odysseus et Sirenes.