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The Barbara Lukaszek Slaby Memorial Scholarship

In commemoration of Barbara Lukaszek Slaby and her passion for the CGS education,  a special scholarship award has been established.

As one of the founding families of CGS, Barbara passionately believed in providing an engaging and well-rounded education for her children; one that combined art and math, literature and science, body, soul and mind. Assisting like-minded others in making their dream of attending the Chicago Grammar School a reality is the main goal of the scholarship committee. CGS is honored to be able to provide impact in the pursuit of education in Barbara’s name.

This scholarship program honors Barbara’s love for the Chicago Grammar School and seeks to continue her legacy of excellence, generosity and thoughtful teaching. A graduate of the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, she developed an appreciation and love of a broad classical liberal arts and sciences education in reaction to her experiences in communist Poland.

The Barbara Lukaszek Slaby Memorial Scholarships will be awarded annually and focus on rewarding parents who deeply desire a classical liberal arts and sciences education for their children in grades kindergarten through eight. The awards pay for a full year of tuition at Chicago Grammar School and are renewable each year.

Who should apply? New students entering kindergarten through 8th grade are eligible to apply. However, students entering kindergarten and first grade would receive the most benefit as the scholarship is renewable for every year through 8th grade.

What is the scholarship application process? Upon receipt of the online application, a date will be set to meet the parents and test the child. The assessment will help determine if the child can have a successful CGS experience. Scholarships will be awarded based on testing results and teacher recommendation; applicants will be notified accordingly.

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